•Group of likeminded people who are involved in the UK fruit industry

•Through a series of events and trips, we provide young people with the platform to develop

•Charitable organisation that gives back to the Fruit Industry

•Fun and insightful networking group

•Passionate about the Future of the Fruit Industry

•Supported by some of the leading companies in the Industry

The Fresh Produce industry is forever changing, there has never been a better time to enter the industry, we need to encourage and nurture the next generation for the benefit of both customer and consumer. 

NextGen fruit group will bring the industry together through the power of young people. Building a global community of bright, talented and motivated individuals, that have a common goal of building a successful and sustainable future for our fresh produce industry.

As well as being an online community across all social media platforms, NextGen provides an exciting schedule of events across the year. This includes a series of UK based trips looking at some of the leading businesses in our industry. Every two years the group travels abroad to experience the industry in other countries. NextGen will be going to New Zealand in 2021.

Come join us, it’s our community in our industry. Together we are all stronger. 


Chile - 2019

In February 2019 the NextGen Fruit Group travelled to Chile. Organised by Emily Cliff and her committee, it was an excellent trip that was insightful and…


Past Events