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Working with farmers, agricultural professionals and pest management experts, it is our role to help make it possible to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture and healthy environments. At BASF we invest in a strong research and development pipeline, plus a broad portfolio including seeds and traits, chemical and biological crop protection, soil management, plant health, pest control and digital farming.

With expert teams in the lab, field, office and in production, we connect innovative thinking and down-to-earth action to create real world ideas that work – for farmers, society and the planet.

Partnering with NextGen allows us to really connect with our customers, understand their needs and the challenges they face and therefore create solutions that work for them. It is also important for us to help inspire the next generation in farming to help create a sustainable future.

We have a range of careers with links to science, technology, art and design, communications, marketing, events and much more.

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New Holland Agriculture and Haynes Agricultural Ltd

New Holland Agriculture and Haynes Agricultural Ltd are proud to be a partner of The NextGen Fruit Group.

With over 125 years’ experience as a world leading agricultural equipment brand, New Holland is also a specialist in fruit and vineyard machinery, supplying a wide range of tractors and harvesting equipment with integrated technology to drive efficiency, comfort and performance.

Our UK manufacturing plant is based in Basildon, Essex from where we produce T6 and T7 series tractors locally for the world, as well as the world’s first commercially available methane gas powered tractor.   New Holland is constantly investing in innovative, efficient, and sustainable farming solutions which include significant investment in alternative propulsion with the launch of T7 LNG and T4 Electric tractors.  With our connected services technology, we aim to maximise machine uptime and guarantee excellent customer support.

Haynes Agricultural are a well-established, family-owned, New Holland dealership, who supply fruit and vineyard machinery across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.  Customer support and back up is at the heart of Haynes ethos, proven through a strong heritage and specialism in the fruit sector.

New Holland and Haynes are delighted to team up and support such a forward-thinking organisation of young people. We look forward to continuing to build on our relationships and work closely with such a dynamic group within the exciting Fruit sector.

To find out more about Haynes and New Holland, check out their website and their socials


Oxbury is the UK’s only specialist agricultural bank and the only bank that has a 100% dedicated focus on British Farmers. We provide farmers with the specialised lending that they need to run their farms and provide savings accounts to any individual or business that wants to back British farmers and UK agriculture.

Since launching as a fully regulated bank in February 2021 Oxbury has grown and is now the bank of choice for farmers. Of the hundreds of lending deals on the books, many leads have come from recommendations from other farmers and people in the industry, something we are immensely proud of.  

Already, Oxbury has paid out hundreds of millions of pounds in supporting farmers with long term loans and cashflow related products. Helping farmers invest in growing their business through modernisation and expansion.  

At Oxbury we are extremely positive about the future of agriculture and the huge opportunities available for the food and farming sector. Oxbury is actively seeking to help farmers take advantage of these opportunities by funding improvements in efficiency and productivity, reducing carbon footprints, producing energy, growing high quality crops and livestock for home production and export, diversification and much more. 

To find out more about Oxbury, check out their website and their socials


Netafim, is the world’s leading provider of micro-irrigation solutions. Our global objectives are working to ensure food security and to providing the most efficient ways to apply irrigation water and nutrients. To Grow More With Less.

Netafim UK is long established as the market leader in providing innovative irrigation solutions for agricultural, horticultural, sports and landscape applications throughout the UK and Ireland.

From our office and warehouse facility in Lancashire, we supply a comprehensive portfolio of equipment to create state-of-the-art irrigation systems via a nationwide network of highly trained irrigation design and supply companies.  This network is supported by both locally based Netafim technical professionals and by specialist product managers and agronomists from across Netafim’s global team.

Netafim is part of Orbia, an international community of companies working together to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges. Orbia comprises five business groups focussed on solving issues such as those related to rapid urbanisation, water and food scarcity and a growing population, all with the aim of providing the greatest opportunities for the current and future generations.

Nextgen is a dynamic group of young growers and farm staff that today influence, but, will tomorrow manage food production and the environment in the UK. The opportunity to be a partner sponsor was not to be missed as this group will help shape Netafim’s continued development going forward, and in turn, Netafim will assist them in continuing and growing their businesses in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. Helping Nextgen Grow More With Less. For more information please visit Netafim


It is wonderful to come on board as a sponsor of The NextGen Fruit Group.  We are excited about developing our relationship with this dynamic organisation, and the opportunity it gives us to provide a boost to fruit growing, and support the people working in the industry.

It’s crucial that young people get the support they need in order to build a successful career and move the needle within the industry of their choice. Organisations like NextGen provide exactly this support: a powerful forum in which young workers can learn, network with each other and build the kind of professional relationships that allow a career to flourish.

Our sponsorship allows us to strengthen our ties and give back to this community. We intend to work closely with NextGen and its members, to pass on what we know about using crop data to produce more, of a better quality with less input. And, to share how growers can predict and prevent pest and disease issues, and manage these more effectively using Fargro’s innovative and robust IPM programmes. We are confident that this collaboration will provide the next generation of growers with knowledge-sharing opportunities, ultimately resulting in better quality and higher yielding outputs, and be of huge benefit to the industry as a whole.

To find out more please visit Fargro


Cocogreen has become a world-leading coir substrate brand. concentrating on delivering consistent physical, chemical and biological properties. Setting up base originally in Manchester now working with a range or growers across the country and global stakeholders regards to technical development and sourcing.

Cocogreen was established in 2010 by Dr. Sudesh Fernando and Thomas Ogden. In just over a decade, the company has built a highly successful global footprint and now employs more than 650 team members across the Globe. With significant experience across material science and product development, the ambition of the founders was to identify and commercialise a sustainable, higher performing alternative to peat-based growing medium. While peat is widely adopted, its use results in widespread environmental consequences and a large carbon footprint. Comprising a number of specialist lines to support growers across a diverse crop portfolio, the Cocogreen product range is trusted worldwide as a circular solution to help growers embrace sustainability.

To get to know Cocogreen better, check out there website.


Haygrove supply polytunnels, greenhouses, substrate systems and associated technologies to the best growers of over 30 crops in more than 50 countries around the world.

They are a great Partner for NextGen due to their unrivalled experience in growing system engineering. Their innovative engineering and forward thinking, make them an ideal Partner for Next Gen and all we set out to achieve.

To find out more please visit Haygrove