Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

The NextGen Fruit Group is a not for profit organisation that is committed to introducing and engaging young people in the fruit industry. The group meets between 3 and 4 times a year at a variety of events that it organises for the members. The group has three key ambitions:

  • Educating its members through a variety of events, visits and seminars
  • Bringing young people together – creating a powerful and meaningful networking group
  • Encouraging the next generation of Industry leaders

The industry has a responsibility to support its young people in a positive way, to show them there is a real career opportunity in the fruit industry and that the rewards for ambitious, quality and hardworking well connected people are very real.

Core Values

Fun – In everything we do

Respect – For one another

Understanding – Learning and education

Inspire- Each other, and the next generation

Trust – The key to the groups continued success

Sustainability – Building the foundations for tomorrow

Our Vision

  • To be a pioneering group of young people who are challenging today‚Äôs impossible
  • Grow membership to 350 young people
  • Create an environment that encourages positive networking and building relationships
  • Provide insightful events that further educate our membership
  • Engage with the fruit industry in delivering in an ethically, environmentally and economically sustainable future
  • Give back to the industry via a charitable programme