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Hereford Farm Walk – 28th June 2024

The NextGen Fruit Group had a very exciting and action packed interim trip on 28th June in Hereford.

1st Visit –  Lower Hope Fruit, Pencombe

Very kindly hosted by Mrs. Sylvia Richards on behalf of Lower Hope Fruit. We are privileged to  visit Lower Hope, who are renowned for growing outstanding cherries, raspberries and apples. Not only are they great growers but have a modern on-site stone fruit grading and packing facility.

2nd Visit – Pixley Berries, Poolend

Pixley Berries Anna Ralph very kindly hosts members at their Poolend site. Pixley Berries is a family-run business with a rich heritage and a passion for quality, they’ve been serving food and drink manufacturers with excellence for 20 years.

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